Should we be against a total democracy?

In a democracy, every member of the population is eligible to vote in order to elect a leader. A democratic government generally  represents a state as liberal and open minded, however giving the whole population the right to vote may not always work in the favor of a state.

After the Clinton Vs Trump election in the US as well as the Brexit referendum, it is evident that allowing the whole population decide what’s best for a state, is not the best idea. Millions of people from various backgrounds, literacy levels, and ethnicities made a choice on what path to choose for their countries and other countries worldwide witnessed this, with majority of the people believing that the UK and US have taken the wrong route.

From the speeches of Trump and Farage, people could see that both individuals were far from the expectations of typical political leaders and yet they both got the satisfaction of a victory, possibly inspiring people and proving that anything is possible no matter how ridiculous it is. Aside from that, the point is that majority of the population wanted this and no one stopped them because every person had the right to vote for whoever pleased them, or to some extent manipulated them the most. Which brings us to the point that elections have proved to us that there are more naïve people than we think there are.

Politicians have been known to be cunning or evil, which isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t hard to distinguish between a bad or a terrible president if you know a lot about politics. It is similar to going shopping and knowing that buying carrots is a healthier option rather than a packet of chips; you know this because you have been educated about dieting and nutrition. On the other hand, we are not taught about politics in school and millions of people who are utterly clueless about the aftermath of picking the wrong politician as a leader, still go to election polls and pick the packet of chips over carrots.

Socrates was also against the idea of a democracy for similar reasons, he believed that a democracy is weak because it surrendered the people’s destinies to men with adequate experience in government affairs. Socrates’ idea could be taken into account over non-governmental affairs too. If an engineer is unsure about how to build a bridge, they would consult other engineers on how to solve the problem, not the whole population of people who will have inadequate knowledge about engineering. Political affairs should be taken just as seriously.

There is never a solution that is a hundred percent satisfactory, however if the right to vote could be given to individuals who are educated enough to make the decision, that could result in better change.


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