Liberals and Power

The non political aspects of the Trudeau’s are more prominent in the eyes of the world compared to their efforts to increase multiculturalism, improve environmental laws, their constant emphasis on a more feminist society and other empowering changes.

Liberals like Trudeau are often challenged for their policies and they are generally seen as weak and lenient, as politicians are expected to be harsh every now and then, either to protect the state or maintain their power, which is understandable. On the other hand they have to show some emotion every now and then to show they’re human in order to gain the people’s support.

Now the question is, is it bad to always be the people’s politician and rule a country where majority of the population support you for being humble and sympathetic? Does a politician like this actually exist? Well the closest example to a similar politician I can think of are the Trudeau’s and in this article below, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau offers some insight to some personal details of her life and the effect some of those events have had on her. The 41 year old yogi shares some inspiration as well and personally I feel that she shows that she is very down to earth. Although in the eyes of some people that could show a sign of weakness, I believe it shows strength and courage as a politician to identify yourself as being the same as ordinary people, because trying to show that you are above people only proves that you want to rule over a population and not work with them to strive for bigger things.

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